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Ludovic Boucart, urban shaman and holistic counselor has been building people up for over 20 years (in their quest for meaning and harmony).

He offers you his gift and experience in building the way of life you deserve.

His method can be summarized in four points:

1 - Energetic realignment: Using the principles of bioenergy, to align your chakras and the different plans that make you up (physical, emotional, mental and causal) to recover your harmony, its place and creative power in the expression of your being. 

2 - Internal alchemy: Therapeutic method based on the lost art of alchemy, which consists in creating a personal safe space of healing to transform your memories, beliefs and emotional barriers. Like alchemical fire which transforms matter, this method will enact an in-depth change within you. 

3 - Shamanism: Shamanistic therapy enables us to delve within you to bridge the gap between body and soul which helps you find peace and harmony. 

4 - Expression of self: our beliefs, emotions, karma but also our transgenerational archetypes or even our genetic memories can hold us back from living our lives to the fullest, body, mind and soul. Once these blockades are identified and understood, we are able to increase our energetic fluidity and awareness. This in turn allows a fulfilling expression of self.

To grow old is a fact of life, to grow wise is a choice you make. If you wish to undertake this life journey, Ludovic Boucart will be your guide.  


Whatever business you may run, be it in strategy, management, marketing, human resources, etc. Ludovic Boucart will become your right-hand man in helping you achieve your projects and reach your goals. 

Ludovic Boucart has the gift to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. 

Your success and what goes on in your company is not happenstance. Once we put everything into perspective and align your environment with your objectives, the results can only follow. 

Following a detailed analysis of your needs, work environment, staff and inner workings of your company, Ludovic Boucart reallocates the energy and dispenses his wisdom: 

- Harmonization of your workplace tailored around the company's philosophy. 
- Advice regarding strategy and management 
- Advice in human resources 
- Improvement of your products and services

A low-key approach to high impact results.

- Increased workplace energy and involvement 
- Increased customer satisfaction for better sales
- Visible improvement of staff wellbeing and cohesion 
- More respect for regulation and ...
- decrease in (professional ) mistakes. 
- Magnetic attraction of key employee profil 
- Improvement in food and beverage quality and taste 
- QoL improvement for you, the boss !

Ludovic Boucart

Harmonization of your place 

Timeless is the practice of reading earthen energies, be it to settle or pursue one's beliefs. As an inheritor of this ancestral art, Ludovic Boucart lends you his gift in harmonizing your home or workplace to better align with your needs and way of life. A necessary step on the journey of personal growth/development, this process will allow you to take change in stride as you form a cohesive whole with your environment and the people who share it.

Shamanic ceremony of Shedding:

This cycle of shamanic ceremonies will aid you to center and align yourself with your true nature on your journey through life. Like some animals, leave behind a skin that has become too tight and restrictive to your continued growth. Ludovic Boucart invites you to experience this rite of passage towards a better version of yourself! Ceremonies that will enable you to best use the many dormant talents within you, to free yourself of cumbersome baggage, to focus your mind and to be energetically aligned, centered on the present, freed from the mental pollution to best live each moment as it comes.

Practical aspects: 30 minute meeting to answer your questions, identify your needs and establish a personalized program with Ludovic Boucart. Then, the choice is yours! The Shedding can last 5 or 7 consecutive days. Each rite of passage lasts 60 minutes, hence a daily Shedding of one hour over the course of 5 or 7 days. A few days after which, another session of 30 or 60 minutes will be set to share and receive advice from Ludovic Boucart in order to fully integrate the shamanic Shedding and receive further tools to nurture this new version of yourself. 

The whole shamanic ceremony of Shedding happens over the phone, from the comfort of your home.

If you start to be yourself, you can not stop.